PHP-Fusion Core 9 Edition Setup

Version 9.0

Step 1: Introduction
Step 2: File and Folder Diagnostics
Step 3: Database Settings
Step 4: Config / Database Setup
Step 5: Configure Core System
Step 6: Primary Admin Details
Step 7: Final Settings

Welcome to PHP-Fusion 9.00 Recovery Mode.

We have detected that there is an existing system installed.

Please choose any of the following to proceed.
Cancel and Exit this Installer

You can exit this installer right now by clicking the button below. This will rename yoru config_temp.php file back to config.php.

Clean Installation

You can uninstall and clean your database and start a clean installation again. PLEASE BACKUP YOUR CONFIG.PHP. IT WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SYSTEM DURING UNINSTALL.

Core System Installer

Change core system configurations.

Change Primary Account Details

Change System Super Administrator details without need to recover password or transfer SA account ownership to another person.

Rebuild .htaccess

Discard current file and replace with a standard version of the .htaccess file